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Double Iggy white quilt

Right now, we have a senior little Iggy mix Maui in Houston. She has severe periodontal disease for which she has already had one surgery, and is a high heartworm positive so is about to begin HW treatment. In Tulsa, we have a megaesophagus dog who needs special food and hand feeding. IN St. Louis, senior Jarvis is having his eye removed on Monday because he has a tumor, and Denny in PA has had surgeries for hemangiosarcoma and other as yet identified lumps.

In addition, there are Iggy puppies at risk at auction next week, and this weekend, we are helping facilitate the closing of a puppy mill in Locust Grove, OK. We are taking one of the dogs, and IGCA and TIGR are taking the rest.

So, the hits keep coming.

For every $20 donation, you get one chance at a custom made, OOAK quilt. I will work with you to design. If we make our $3500.00 goal, I will pull three chances.

Eyes and tumors and surgeries! Oh My! Quilt time!

Hazeljane’s is facing a little bit of a financial crisis. Long time foster boy Grey Knight has an appointment with an ophthalmologist at Missouri State next week. The vet who has been caring for GK has run out of viable options for his chronic dry eyes. Unlike some other dogs with this condition, he doesn’t seem to produce any tears and the precise medications he has been given are not helping for long enough. Dr. Emily believes he will need bilateral surgery which involves having one of his salivary glands re-routed. We estimate the cost, based on her conversations with the University’s veterinary ophthalmology department to be between $3,000 and $4,000.

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King size iggy quilt

King size iggy quilt

This spring has brought a slew of seniors into rescue. And as with people. the medical bills of seniors can be steep. We are raffling this hand made KING size quilt, with an oversized iggy quilted in the center, among the freehand various sized spirals.

First Runner up Prize is an oversized nap/twin quilt with s turquoise shadow iggy under batiste, quilted in a stylized wave pattern.  This one is my favorite!

Second Runner up Prize is a table runner/table mat with two iggies quilted in. It is made of unbleached muslin.
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7 IGGIES in a breed sellout AUCTION on February 21

We are holding our big Facebook Auction, with tons of goodies, but it will not end until the end of February. In the meantime, we are going to see how many of these iggies we can get from this auction. How many we are able to save depends on how much money we are able to bring with us.

EVERY $20. donated wins a chance for a custom quilt made and quilted by Maggie. I will post some examples. Help us help them!

Mimi’s Second Leg Break

Mimi got the cast off of her first broken leg last week, and on Christmas Eve, broke the other leg. She will have surgery tomorrow to repair it, and we need to all pray that her first tiny leg holds up while this one heals. If you can donate, please do.

Rob-A-Dub Rescue Event this weekend!

Please join us in OKC at the Rub-A-Dub Race for Rescues. Tons to do for kids and families and a dog wash and 5K race to boot!





Eloise and Joy- our very own Madonna and Child

It has been an insanely busy and sad two months here. We have had to say goodbye to Augusta, whose leg would not heal and whose other leg was not strong enough to support her.

We have gone to Midwest City to Dr. Dustin Brown for plating surgeries on Janie and Bella’s broken legs.
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Today is GIVING TUESDAY- a day to contemplate after the shopping frenzies of Cyber Monday and Black Friday,  and think on the charities most dear to you, and give back a little.

We have also been trying to raise funds to pay down our vet bill by the end of the year. We have a Facebook event called “NO LEG BREAKS in 2013” (hoping that enough good wishes will make it so!)

Our balance at the vet at this very moment is: $1407.  If you would like to make a donation toward our goal, TODAY would be a great day to do it. We are continuing our fundraiser through the end of the year or until the balance is 0.

And we aren’t sure we won’t have more dogs coming in!

It’s been a pretty crazy month here. We have had another leg break (Miss Janie) and several visiting dogs, and we have taken in a long term foster, until her family can reclaim her. And have welcomed Blake (formerly Red) into the fold. He is being fostered by Kelly in OKC.

This morning I got a call from a fellow rescue person in Missouri that one of the smaller mills is getting out of iggies. There are three girls and a boy – I have no idea of age or shape- that need to come into rescue, and nowhere to put them.



Augusta broke her leg

Last night, just before 6:00 pm, we got a frantic phone call from Augusta’s foster mom. In a panic over needing to go back in her crate to come here, Augusta leapt onto and then off of the low bed, breaking her right front leg on dismount.

Dr. Cody at Ranch Acres in Tulsa stayed open until we got there, and stabilized poor Augusta.

This morning, ex-rays etc.  Her bone density is very poor, due to a lifetime of hideous diet and no exercise.  For the same reason, she doesn’t have much in the way of muscle tone. She’s between 9 and 10 years old and pretty worn out.

The fracture is clean across, but way distal, very near her ankle joint. There is no room to put a plate, and not very good bone even if there was room. Doc is going to put in a tiny pin, and we will keep it splinted. He believes that with time, care and good groceries, it will heal after this, possibly fusing the joint. Usually that is something we try to avoid, but given the weakness in her bones, it would actually be the safer result for Augusta.

This is our 4th leg break and 8th surgery this year. If you can find it in your hearts to donate, please do. You may use our donate button to the right, or send donations, CLEARLY marked HAZELJANE’S, either to us, made out to Ranch Acres Veterinary, or directly to Ranch Acres Vet Hospital, 3241 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135. If you send a directly to the vet, include a note so I can keep track and give you a tax receipt if you need one at the end of the year. Thank you!

Luther’s Broken Jaw

Another day, another vet bill here at HJB. Yesterday Luther seemed a little off. He screamed a few times when another dog brushed by him, but when I picked him up and felt him over, he seemed fine. Until last night, when I touched his jaw to put his sweater on and he screamed again! And I realized that his jaw was off kilter somehow.

Luther came in with bone loss in his jaw from chronic infection. He lost most of his teeth in his first dental, back in January, keeping a few molars and his canines. He lost a few more in May, when we went back for a check. Last night, his poor porous lower jaw broke spontaneously, and the front of his jaw is loose. Back at the vet for yet another dental, he lost one of his lower canines and one of his upper, and he is in pain. THere is nothing to be done for this. The bone is just wearing away, and is not strong enough to fix. He can eat, and once his body adjusts, he should not be in any pain, unless he wrenches it, but within the next 6 months, he will probably lose the rest of his teeth. We have left a few, because they do help to anchor the bone, unless they are rotten.

Luther is a favorite here. He came last January with his mouth a mess, a bit afraid of people, and not quite sure what to make of us. He now sleeps at the foot of the bed (occasionally venturing up between dogs and people) and his entire back end wags when he is happy. He’s getting so brave, and inviting attention. It hurts to see one of our babies hurting.

This is an example of why the expenses in a rescue such as ours are relentless. It’s not sexy, it’s everyday doing all the things that these dogs that have often been neglected for a lifetime need. Luther is likely 7-8 years old, which means his adoption fee, if and when he is adopted, will be $150.00.  Since January, we have spent over $700. just on Luther- he has had a couple of little growths removed, had three  oral surgeries and been neutered, brought up to date with shots, etc.  Luther is only one of the 12 foster dogs we have right now, and only one of the 34 dogs we have taken in and cared for throughout this year.

It’s the quiet, constant expenses that keep us teetering on the brink of disaster. If you are able to donate to us, please do.  You may use our donate button, or send a donation, clearly marked “HAZELJANE’S BLESSINGS” to Ranch Acres Veterinary, 3241 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135.  All donations are tax deductible. Thanks!

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