Eyes and tumors and surgeries! Oh My! Quilt time!

Hazeljane’s is facing a little bit of a financial crisis. Long time foster boy Grey Knight has an appointment with an ophthalmologist at Missouri State next week. The vet who has been caring for GK has run out of viable options for his chronic dry eyes. Unlike some other dogs with this condition, he doesn’t seem to produce any tears and the precise medications he has been given are not helping for long enough. Dr. Emily believes he will need bilateral surgery which involves having one of his salivary glands re-routed. We estimate the cost, based on her conversations with the University’s veterinary ophthalmology department to be between $3,000 and $4,000.

ON the east coast, Sophie, a ten year old female brought in recently has an angry looking mammary tumor that needs immediate attention, though her bloodwork is good. She is also not spayed. Given her age and general condition, the tumor, spay and dental will all likely need to be separate surgeries.

Also on the east coast, we have an 8 year old male with numerous issues- a chronic yeast infection in his ear, tumors on his lip and flank and a possible tumor behind his eye. Denny is a mess.

Edmond and Marie, the 10 and 12 year old Mom and Son both have had complete dentals and surgeries to remove tumors that appear to be benign.

It’s also time for several of the Hospice/sanctuary dogs in our care to get dentals and routine bloodworm done. And so!

A QUILT raffle!

On April 2, we will choose three winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. For the occasion, I have made a double life sized iggy quilt. Also available for prizes are any item in our etsy store: Hazeljane’s on Etsy

Every $20. donated to Hazeljanes from February 15 through April 2 equals one chance. If you donate by check, or payment to the bank or via PayPal. It all counts.
Buy a few chances and live large!

Maggie Lenertz

Maggie Lenertz has been working in rescue with Italian Greyhounds for 10 years. Three years ago, Maggie married Jim. Together they have built Hazeljane's Blessings into a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At any given time, we have between 7-12 foster Italian Greyhounds in our home, along with our own 4 babies. In addition, we both work full time. Maggie's hobbies (apart from iggies) are quilting and reading. She frequently makes quilts to raffle to support the rescue!

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