Have you ever seen a dog really smile? We sure have and this is our (and the pups) favorite page!

We are thrilled to hear that you are considering adopting an Italian Greyhound. Curious about what it takes to be an Italian Greyhound owner?  Take the opportunity to check out our ‘is an IG the right breed for you?’ page?



The process

The adoption process begins with us getting to know you. If you’d like to adopt a dog from Hazeljane’s Blessings, we ask that you please complete an adoption application in order for us to get to know you better.

Please understand that approval of your application to adopt does not guarantee that the specific dog you want will be adopted to you. Often, there are multiple applications per dog.

If you are approved, we will work closely with you to find a dog that will fit well into your life.

Ready to adopt? One final step, the adoption contract.

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  1. Karen Amedeo - October 23, 2017

    I believe I put in a adoption application for ce awhile back, and you let me know he was being adopted. I’m sorry to hear that it fell through. I really am still interested in Ace. I believe i would give him a wonderful home, we have 2 doggies at home a Beagle mix named Daisy she’s 7,and a Puggle named Kahlua she’s 14 and not well, Daisy stays by her ,cause she knows she is dying. I know my household will be devastated, when that time comes. I think my son right now needs his own dog, he’s 17 everyone in the house has there dog and my son , feels left out. He’s the kind of kid if he sees a bug in the house, he does a catch and release. His heart is huge, no woman would be good enough for him…lol

  2. Roxanne peters - November 26, 2017

    Hi interested in Charlie, we are a family of 4. Two children ages 11 and 15. We also have 3 cats. Previous to being cat owners we put down our beloved English bully. Our full bread 9 year old chihuahua unfortunately passed as well.