Pet rescue is our primary goal and we are only able to do it with the help of our ever-growing network of animal lovers.

We set up fundraisers in response to many requests to make it easier for supporters to donate.



This is Olive.

She came in with Barney, a senior Iggy mix. She has a committed adopter.

She’s about 5 and for most of her life, she suffered from mites and chronic ear infections. A neglect severe enough to be considered abuse. They were so bad that her ears developed so many polyps that her ear canals were clogged with them. Both ears required surgery.

Her first surgery was Friday. It was a complex surgery, requiring the surgeon to go in from in front of her ear along her jaw. Her second will be in 2 weeks.

She isn’t an Iggy, but we committed to fixing her.



So, you may be asking yourself, “How can I help?”

Hazeljane’s Blessings is fortunate to be founded by a very talented woman, Maggie Lenertz. She has the gift of crafting spectacular, hand-created quilts with unique fabrics and techniques. Much of her quilt work is donated back to the rescue and auctioned off or raffled in order to assist with mounting vet bills involved with a rescue.


Night Sky : Quilt inspired by the universe (81 x 72 inches)

“I made this show quilt but missed the deadline. It was created on a navy fabric background with raw edge appliqué and couching. What makes this quilt more unique and challenging is that it is double batted with cotton and wool, for extra texture and to a 3D effect for the planets.”

“This is handmade and free-motion quilted by me, using beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabrics and Kona Cotton fabrics.  I continue to be fascinated by the textures of quilting, and the colors and shapes of the universe.”

-Mags Benedict Lenertz, Founder of Hazeljane’s Blessings



How to enter the  “Night Sky” drawing

Like most fundraisers, chances are based upon the amount donated.

$20   =    1 chance

$50   =    3 chances

$100  =    7 chances


Okay, so how do I donate?

We accept donations by Paypal and/or check.

To make a donation to Hazeljane’s Blessings Italian Greyhound Rescue by credit card click on the PayPal Donate button. (It is not necessary to have an account with PayPal to use this service.)

All PayPal donations are automatically entered.

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If you would rather pay by check:

Please make the check out to Ranch Acres Veterinary or Hazeljane’s Blessings

Send an email to (or request in the contact form) for the address.

As always, the proceeds of this sale go to Hazeljane’s Blessings Italian Greyhound Rescue, a 501 c 3 public charity.


Drawing will be on July 31, 2018.