Pet rescue is our primary goal and we are only able to do it with the help of our ever-growing network of animal lovers.

We set up fundraisers in response to many requests to make it easier for supporters to donate.


Curious about the rescue?

Hazeljane’s Blessings is a small Italian Greyhound (and mixes thereof) rescue based primarily in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

We take in many dogs that would fall through the cracks otherwise. Elderly, mill dogs, mixed breeds, in need of vet care. Our supporters help us pay the vet bills.

We are an all-volunteer charity. Every cent of every donation is spent on the dogs in our care.

The biggest expenses are vet bills, medications, including heart worm preventive and flea/tick, and food.

Donations are tax deductible.

Mr. Tippy


Current Fundraiser


For a while, we were accepting mixes and overflow from local shelters in an effort to relieve the backlog.  That has not worked out well for us financially, and most of our adoptable dogs have not even made it to PetFinder, as we have a list of approved adopters far longer than the list of adoptable dogs lately.  We do, however, have dogs that we have committed to take care of, despite their lack of adoptability.  And while we have been okay financially, we now find our cushion gone and a need to raise funds.  These are the recipients! 


Gizmo is a 3 year old Chinese Crested, with a waiting, approved adopter who he will be meeting this week.  He has been vetted and is a handsome, funny little man, ready for his close-up.

Gabby is 8 years old and still pretty feral.  Her bite history is extensive,  even with her foster, but she is fairly settled and living happily among other dogs, which gives her comfort and security.  Due to the liability issues, she is not adoptable.

Winston is estimated to be between. 17-19 years old. He has pancreatic disease and is medically fragile, also on a special diet.  Due to his extreme age, he is with our “hospice” foster, Kathy and living his best life.

Roo has serious behavioral issues after being found inside of a backpack, in a garbage bag that was thrown over a fence at a local shelter.  He lost one leg and had another badly broken.  He is generally. Healthy, but recently broke a tooth off at the root.  He, like Gabby, must be medicated and muzzled before treatment.  He is not adoptable.

Poppy is a small sharpei mix we took from a local overcrowded shelter.  Because of her breed, she has ongoing skin issues. She also has a serious heart murmur and our vet has recommended a cardiologist.  Poppy is not currently adoptable until we can pinpoint and be knowledgably informed about her heart.  She will be special needs.

Jazzy is another local shelter ask.  She was described as part IG, though frankly, we find none.  She is blind and has diabetes that is not well controlled.  She is also in. our hospice foster home.

Sophie is a senior teenaged IG with frequent grand mal seizures. We have been working to get her medications right, but so far, she has not been responsive to meds or diet changes.She also has IBD which complicates matters.  She remains with Kathy, our hospice nurse.

Mr. Tippy is our elderly friend in Kansas.  He remains with his foster as she fights to get his blood sugar stable. He has had two dentals in the past 6 months and is having kidney problems as well as diabetes.


With deep thanks to Agneta Wilmuth of Brussels, who won the Modern Joy quilt last fall and re-donated to Hazeljane’s.

We have two quilts up for raffle this month:

The first is called Modern Joy and is a whole cloth celebration!  

Quilted on natural unbleached cotton cloth with a multicolor variegated thread. The back is a lime green continuation of fun.  Understated fun for your camper, kids room, sofa or wherever you like to curl up.  Oversized at 60” by 80” it would also be great in a dorm room.  Batting is 100 % washable wool and this quilt is machine wash and dry.

The second quilt up for consideration is a vintage bow-tie variation quilt of white and various polka-dots. 

Because polka-dotted fabric is hard to date, I would conservatively date the top to the middle of the 20th century as it was pieced inexpertly by hand, by someone without access to a sewing machine. It has been soaked and cleaned and newly quilted with bamboo and cotton batting and a pretty striped mid-century percale sheet for the back. Machine wash and dry.

IF WE MEET OUR GOAL OF $2500.00, the first prize will be a CUSTOM quilt designed with the winner, not to exceed a retail value of $1K.  2nd Place is choice of these two quilt and 3rd is the remaining quilt.

If we do not meet our goal, First Place gets first choice of these two quilts and Second Winner gets the other.

Quilts are  machine quilted by Maggie Lenertz using free-motion, free hand techniques. No computer involved.  As always. I use high quality battings and threads and my quilts are designed to stand up to iggies and kids and are easily washed and dried.

ALL DONATIONS TO HAZELJANES BETWEEN NOW AND OCTOBER 1 ARE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED INTO THE DRAWING. EVERY $15 IS ONE CHANCE,  3 CHANCES FOR $50, 8 FOR $100.  AND THEY ARE CUMULATIVE. (If, for example, you donate 30 one week and 20 the next payday, I will add your donations to the best benefit.)

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Not interested in a quilt but still want to donate?

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As always, the proceeds of this sale go to Hazeljane’s Blessings Italian Greyhound Rescue, a 501 c 3 public charity