Four More dogs saved from Puppymill Horror

On Tuesday, we went to get four more dogs that have come from the same horrid puppymill as Tony Stark, Bob, Augusta and Omer came from last month.  It’s hard to describe the condition of these babies.

Selena, who is an older female, is completely blind with cataracts. However, her eyes are also bulging out, an indication of advanced glaucoma. Without treatment, her eyes would eventually explode. Even with treatment at this point, she may well lose them. Selena is going on to Texas IGCA this weekend, where she will be treated. She is the sweetest, most affectionate little cuddler you can imagine, and she is not fearful. A lovely lady, inside and out.

Miguel is the older male of this group. He is almost solid seal, with a greying face, and he is gorgeous! He is skittish and unsure of what to do with people. Like all of the dogs from this mill, his feet have spread and flattened from living in a wire cage, and being malnourished. He has a few teeth left that appear to be hanging on by a thread. He is also going to Texas, where IGCA will treat his mouth, and find him a foster family to teach him love.

Chico is a 14 week old puppy, with two stage 4 luxated patellas in his back legs. He requires surgery to be able to walk and run normally. In a quick exam, that appears to be all he needs, but he is also going to Texas, where he will get the surgery and resources to be able to be a carefree, running little fellow. Even here, with bad legs, he is loving the freedom of running around on grass, and sleeping on cushy beds with blankies. Chico is a doll and will grow up to be quite the looker.

Many of you might think its odd that Hazeljane’s has taken in four dogs, only to send three of them on to a different rescue. Our commitment is  always to the best interest of the dogs. At this point in time, Hazeljane’s is overfull with special needs and not easily adoptable dogs. We are also struggling to keep our heads above the waterline. We partner with other rescues to give the best possible chances to the dogs we pledge to help. Our strongest and closest rescue partner is Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue TX/OK branch. We coordinate with them extensively, lend a hand when they need one and gladly take help when we need it.

More on the fourth dog, Maudie May, who is staying here, later!


Maggie Lenertz

Maggie Lenertz has been working in rescue with Italian Greyhounds for 10 years. Three years ago, Maggie married Jim. Together they have built Hazeljane's Blessings into a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At any given time, we have between 7-12 foster Italian Greyhounds in our home, along with our own 4 babies. In addition, we both work full time. Maggie's hobbies (apart from iggies) are quilting and reading. She frequently makes quilts to raffle to support the rescue!

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